Pneumatic Desktop Stations & Test Head Assemblies

Pneumatic interfaces enable the quick replacement of devices in the sockets, these solutions are suitable for customers who plan on testing many devices on a daily basis (over 100 units per day). Implementing pneumatic solutions eliminates the need for adapter plates but will require compressed air facilities for its operation. The Pneumatic Desktop Stations and Test Head Assemblies Mechanism include a Frost Preventing Manifold that prevents frost and humidity creation in both Z up and Z down positions.
Pneumatic Station operation

Desktop Pneumatic Stations

Pneumatic System P/N MDPS485-A                                     Pneumatic System P/N MDPS485-B
  NPA - Pneumatic System

 Pneumatic System Manuel

Pneumatic Stations upon Testers

                             Custom Pneumatic System P/N MDPS485-C

 MD Solution for Testers Application
Frost Preventing Manifold used in Pneumatic Stations applications
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