Boom Stand

Boom Stands are used for holding the thermal head in a fixed position while the device plunger contacts the device; they are suitable for testing soldered devices, devices in open top sockets, and devices in sockets with Open Frame Tthermal Lids. The Boom Stand mechanism includes a Frost Preventing Manifold that prevents frost and humidity creation in both Z up and Z down positions. The Boom Stand easily interface the device plunger to DUTs on any given test board.

Microscope Clamp / Stand  Boom Stand in soldered device applications
     P/N;  MDHA485                                                            P/N;  MDHA485S

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Boom Stand with tall Device Plunger for extended components clearances

Boom Stand operation with open top sockets
Boom Stand operation with Open Frame Thermal Lids
Frost Preventing Manifold used in Boom Stand applications
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